The Most Advanced Organizational Chart for Microsoft Teams

TeamOrgChart: The last word in Organization Chart software

Microsoft have recently stated that Teams usage had grown to 44 million daily active users during the coronavirus pandemic, and it's now jumped another 70 percent.

Although there is a free organizational browser feature, it is lacking many key features that companies require from an efficient and effective Organizational Chart, like TeamOrgChart.

Please take a look at the table to review the difference the in-built browser has in comparison to TeamOrgChart.

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Feature In-built Organization browser TeamOrgChart
Integrated with Active Directory
Navigate & Search Org Chart
View Contact Information
Search by Name
Search by Job Title, Country or Department
Print to PDF
Print multi-page PDF reports
Manage Vacant Positions
Manage Temporary Positions
Create charts from: Active Directory, Excel, SharePoint Lists, Databases or by hand
Conditional Formatting & Styling
Create multiple charts, for example one per department
Export to Excel
Integrated Staff Directory

TeamOrgChart: The last word in Organization Chart software

Please watch our short webinar which demonstartes a few of the features and capabilities of TeamOrgChart.

TeamOrgChart is an easy to configure organization chart for Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams and SharePointOnline.

TeamOrgChart is an enterprise-level software trusted by thousands of organizations worldwide.