Everything you need for great looking organization charts

Generate a chart using your employee data from a variety of sources

Automatically create a chart from Azure Active Directory, SharePoint Online (User Profile Service or List), SQL Server database, Excel spreadsheet or CSV. You can also create a chart from scratch by manually entering your employee data.

Synchronises automatically with your data source

If you choose an Azure, SharePoint Online or Office 365 data source your chart will be updated with the latest changes to your employee info without any effort on your part.

Complete control over appearance

Choose what content to put in your chart boxes, control the styling, colour and formatting of the contents and boxes, or add your own html/css with custom templates.

Powerful conditional formatting functionality

Use conditional formatting to style, promote and hide departments, individuals and roles in your organization.

Use your company branding

Make TeamOrgChart look like it was built specifically for your organization - add your company logo, colour scheme and brand colours.

Vacant and temporary positions

Add temporary and vacant positions directly onto your chart without having to pollute your real employee data in Azure or SharePoint.

Assistants, dotted-line managers and co-ordinators

Make a visual distinction between direct reports, assistants, co-ordinators as well as the useful dotted-line manager feature.


Create quick shortcuts to move easily between different parts of your organization.

Compare charts

Use our comparison feature to create alternative versions of your orgaization for corporate restructuring and analyse the difference them.

Map view

See your employees spread across multiple locations to identify the spread of your workforce.

Embed your chart into a SharePoint page

Embed your organization chart as a SharePoint web so it can be viewed directly in your Intranet.

Or add the TeamOrgChart App for Microsoft Teams.

Security groups

Control who has access to your chart - set administrators or restrict read-only access to only a set number of users. Or make it public and share it with anyone.

G-Cloud - Cloud software

TeamOrgChart is listed on the UK government Digital Marketplace as part of G-Cloud.